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Thanks for a wonderful Sangha and Course.

Thanks for a wonderful Sangha and Course.

This weekend I taught yoga and meditation, chant and kirtan with Suddha priya. She blessed us with her beautiful voice and mantras during the guided deep relaxation and we had some nice kirtans with sweet tales of the divine figures.

Due to the corona, it was a small group, and the participants were very touched. It was new for most people to hear about and experience Bhakti Yoga, but it went very well.

Shantadevi Dasi and Margith made the most beautiful autumn food and Henrik helped with the sauna. Chandini visited and brought us this beautiful "Just Love Cup"

Thank you all, for the fine cooperation and the amazing Bhakti spirit that everyone could feel in their hearts.

What is Bhakti Yoga?

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Light and Love from Beautiful Møn, Anahata Yoga Center team and Anadyanta Dasi

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